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Johannesburg is the capital city of South Africa. The Johannesburg CBD is a bustling city, which is the home to many of the big corporate companies in South Africa. Many banks have head offices in the Johannesburg CBD. Many corporates have decided to locate their head offices to Sandton and other cities. This has led to an oversupply of office space in the Johannesburg CBD and therefor there is a number of commercial properties to rent in Johannesburg.

There are many offices available to rent in Johannesburg.

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 We have collected over 8million m2 of vacant space nationwide, we have offices to let in Johannesburg, Sandton, Rosebank, Hyde Park etc.

We at Instant Property can assist all players in the commercial and industrial field. Brokerages are able to license our software and this will give them access to our 8million m2 of vacancies that we have collected.

We have commercial property to rent in Johannesburg from big boxes to smaller boxes, whatever suits your specs.

Many entrepreneurs and start-up businesses make Johannesburg CBD their home, as the rentals are very affordable.

The reason the rentals are so low in the Johannesburg CBD is due to the oversupply of the offices in the area and the buildings are much older.

People like to rent offices in Johannesburg CBD as there are many nodes of transport available including trains, taxis and Ubers.

Most of the offices available to rent in Johannesburg CBD are being redeveloped and given a new lease of life by young artistic developers and architects. Braamfontein has improved its image and has become cleaner and safer for tenants looking for offices to let.

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