Office Space to Rent in Sandton

Sandton is a very common and popular area in Gauteng to set up office space. Most of the larger corporates and banks have set up their head offices in this area for a multiple number of reasons.

Firstly Sandton is a very central node and in Gauteng and there are many residential nodes around the Sandton region making it attractive for businesses wanted to to rent offices in Sandton.

Office to rent in Sandton are a bit more expensive then other nodes in Gauteng due to their position and the prestige feeling to the area. When people think about Sandton they imagine A Grade Buildings and a very upmarket area that exudes wealth.

Due to the economic downturn in South Africa, due to high rentals in Sandton, many businesses decided to rather relocate their offices to other more affordable nodes in the country and this has led to a large number of vacant offices in the Sandton. Landlords are now offering very valuable incentives to tenants to rent office space in Sandton as they are becoming desperate for tenants to occupy their space.

Another reason why Sandton is a very popular area for businesses to set up their offices is because there is a Gautrain station and many other forms of transport which makes it easy for employees and clients to visit this area.

Major highlights in the Sandton region are Sandton City Shopping Centre, which is home to some of the biggest brands in the world. Sandton City is a very common tourist attraction for overseas visitors as well as locals.

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