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Fourways has become a very popular site for companies to rent office space. Some of the reason for Fourways being a good space to rent commercial space is because the rentals are very affordable and there are many cost-effective residential units in Fourways. Office Space Fourways is a common area for start up companies and smaller companies. The benefit of this is that staff members can rent properties or buy properties near their place of work. 

Fourways has become a very a thriving site for developments especially in the residential node. There is a lot of construction in Fourways taking place which a positive sign for the area as it means there is high demand for people to want to move into the Fourways region. Due to all the new developments and the rapid expansion and growth in the area, there is quite a high traffic congestion in the area. The main access points to get into Fourways are the N1 highway off William Nicol Drive or alternatively from Witkoppen Road. The cities surrounding Fourways are Randburg and Bryanston. These are also very popular sites for businesses to rent office space.  Tenants who rent office space Fourways usually stay in Cedar Square and surrounding areas. 

The market related rentals in Fourways are very cost effective and affordable. There are many estates in Fourways namely Dainfe , Fourways Gardens, Cedar Lakes, Fe brook Estate and Dainfe Ridge to name but a few. The main landmarks in Fourways are Fourways Mall, Cedar Square, Montecasino and Fourways Crossing. Fourways Mall is currently redeveloping and expanding onto the very busy shopping centre. Once this expansion has been completed, Fourways will be one of the largest shopping centres in South Africa. Some of the top retailer rent shops in the Fourways Mall. The most popular and probably the best know attraction in Fourways is Montecasino. Many corporates are renting office space Fourways as it is near Monte Casino and Fourways mall. Montecasino is a world class venue with a beautiful casino as well as hotels, restaurants and entertainment centres such as the Teatro and the Peter Turin Halls. Many people are relocating their head offices to the Fourways area and are renting offices in Fourways. 

There are not many industrial sites to rent in Fourways as it is predominantly office centric. Depending on the quality, area and grade of the property the market related rental varies in Fourways for offices to let. The rentals for office space Fourways are very affordable compared to other offices in Waterfall or Sandton. The rental range is from R100 per meter squared to about R150 per meter squared. Industrial units in Fourways rentals are quite high ranging from about R50 per meter squared to R65 per meter squared. A very popular place to go on Sundays in Fourways is the Fourways Farmers Market which right across the road from Monte Casino.

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