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Commercial Property for Rent in South Africa

With the South African property market continuing to grow, the need of commercial property for rent in South Africa is in high demand too. Businesses in South Africa of any description require some form of commercial property with which to establish a base for their operations and conduct their business dealings. If one is in need of commercial and industrial property for rent , the best place to begin the search would be Instant Property, and its ever growing database of commercial properties South Africa.

The instant Property Rentals platform seeks to reinvigorate the South African property industry by disrupting the market norm and providing a brand new means of service that will become the leading model and gold standard for not only the South African property industry, but the world at large. Once you try it, you will agree that this is the best and only way to source commercial space for rent. Looking for commercial property rentals in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and many other locations? If it exists, there is a strong likelihood you will find it.

Find Commercial and Industrial Property in South Africa

With the Instant Property Rental portal, finding commercial property for sale and rent has never been easier. Whether you are a tenant, broker or landlord; the portal and service is easy enough to use by anybody.

Visit our website at to search for available industrial and commercial properties for rent. You can select the property type, city, region and suburb and narrow down available property units. If you find any options that looks most appealing, simply click on the button to shortlist as many as your heart desires and proceed to checkout. From here it’s a matter of filling out a quick form with some crucial information with which to facilitate contact and Instant Property will begin to contact landlords and property managers, bringing the two together for you to arrange site visits.

And if you are a landlord, listed property fund, property management company or property broker and wish to list your stock on our website, please contact us for assistance.

Instant Property: Easy for the landlord, easy for the broker, easy for the tenant!